Why Your Dog Needs Dog Breeder Health Services

Dog breeding is a practice that has been in existence for some time now. It is aimed to produce or maintain certain qualities by getting selected dogs to mate. It also considers the health of new puppies. Dog breeder health services should; be ready and able to follow the recommended breeding guidelines, provide instructions on the training, immunization and feeding of the puppy and do health screening to predict future health complications such as deafness, conformation, eye disease, hip dysplasia and other inherited conditions. Good dog breeder health services help to maintain or control the following features;

  • Personality

Dogs, just like people, have unique personality traits. The personality of dogs refers to their various attributes such as temperament, smartness and friendliness. These attributes and behavioral traits are mainly genetic. Since dogs spend a lot of time with people, most dog owners prefer to have dogs that they can easily befriend. Dog breeding may help to maintain or control the personality of dogs. Spaniels, for example, are friendly and Australian shepherds are very smart .The personality of puppies is usually a blend of their parents traits. They may also exhibit some character traits of their grandparents. It is, however, important to know that dogs acquire some of their personality traits from socialization and how they are treated.

  • Physical Appearance

Everyone wants a good-looking dog. Of course, different people have different ideas of what good looks mean to a dog. Just like in human beings, physical traits are controlled by genetics. Every dog has copies of genes inherited from its father and from its mother. They all contribute to its appearance. Breeding dogs with desirable physical characteristics results to a beautiful puppy. Dog breeders consider how the genes function to result to desired features such as; dog size, the color and thickness of coat and eye color. However, breeding cannot entirely depend on looks.

  • Health Reasons

The most important thing to consider when breeding is to prevent the spread of genetic diseases. Healthy dogs are, after all, happy dogs. The genetic background of a dog could be filled with diseases which can easily be passed on the next generations. With breeding, a dog is tested for any of such illnesses. Some of the common genetic dog diseases are; cataracts, colobama, primary lens luxation, progressive rod cone degeneration, strabismus, albinism, juvenile cellulitis, hemimelia, dermatofibrosis, Afghan hound, hereditary myelopathy, ceroid lipofuscinosis, dermoid cyst and cleft palate. While it may not be possible to completely eliminate the occurrence of genetic diseases and disorders, it is possible to reduce them. With proper dog breeder health services, it is possible to retain good qualities and introduce other pleasant ones. However, it is important that the health of dogs be prioritized.

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Danny White

Danny White