What makes industrial door hardware different?

Working through construction challenges can be difficult.  Often there are large spans to close or tall gaps to fill within an entryway or doorway.  Industrial doors, available in all shapes and sizes, are a great option to add a dramatic statement while solving a problem.   It follows that industrial doors require the use of industrial door hardware.  How is this type of hardware different from the hardware you may use on a typical residential door?  Below we will take a closer look at the reasons industrial door hardware is different from typical door hardware.

Built to Last

When making hardware used in industrial door applications a better quality steel is used.  The industrial strength steel is an overall better product and is stronger than steel that may be used on a residential door hinge.  To improve the functionality of the hardware and the longevity of the piece industrial hardware is built with tighter tolerances.  This guarantees more uniformity and a better working component.  Lastly, industrial hardware has a thicker finish coat.  Often industrial hardware will be outdoors where it will have to withstand the elements.  Having a thicker finish coat will allow the door hardware to last a longer time.

Built to Hold Weight

Industrial doors are usually much larger and heavier than your typical door.  Industrial hardware is built to take a heavy load.  Choosing industrial hardware allows for weights anywhere between 200 lbs to 5,000 lbs.  For large distances that require a door closure industrial hardware can cover spans up to 50 feet wide.  For tall applications hardware is designed to cover heights between 7 and 24 feet.  These heavy weights and large spaces are considered when the door hardware is constructed.  To make a better piece of hardware industrial door hardware is made to better distribute the weight of the door throughout the hardware and often is designed with specialized mounting.

Built for Specific Applications

Industrial hardware can also be used for applications that one would not typically think of as a door.  Often hardware is used for moving architectural pieces within a building.  This can be a sliding wall or partial  room divider.  Industrial hardware can also be used for theaters.  The industrial strength  hardware is perfect for supporting heavy curtains or light rigging.  Schools, office buildings, and convention centers also use industrial hardware to support the heavy room dividers used to partition meeting space or exhibit halls.  Industrial hardware is a perfect solution for a tough design challenge.  The hardware’s strength, versatility, and longevity make industrial hardware an easy choice for commercial buildings and unique applications.

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Donald Phillips

Donald Phillips