Movie Ticket Booking Now Gets Convenient With Internet

Remember those days –when one would need to arrive early at the movie hall or theatre to buy tickets from the ticket counter. Those long serpentine queues for super-hit movies and those sparsely crowded halls when the movie didn’t rise up to the expectation! All kids who are20 years or above today will remember being rushed to the theater halls by their guardians for movie ticket booking  with the hope of getting the best seats. And those hours of waiting for the ticket counter to open, the ticket issuer settling down in his chair, gossiping around, sipping his tea – who doesn’t remember all that!  How we would dress up for the occasion and then all the make-up would run down the cheek in the hot sultry sun.  And, halfway down the life when the booking counter would close with the board announcing ‘sold-out’ remember the feeling of hopelessness and despair?

Those were the days of struggle – struggle to reach the hall much before time, struggle to get the closest position to the booking counter, struggle to get the best seat – by the time the show would begin, you would already be tired and hardly have the zeal to watch the movie anymore! And the best part is that having the requisite amount of cash was pertinent to purchase the tickets – else the counter person would turn you back. Those were the days of no ATM or credit/debit cards. When credit cards got introduced as an alternate method of payment in mid 1990s in India, things got better and easier as the cards started getting accepted universally, even at the movie ticket booking counter.

How the world of computers and internet has changed it all! Shopping online, booking flight and train tickets online, movie ticket booking online, paying utility bills online, and recharging mobile phones online – the list is endless!  One wonders where is all this going to end – as in – is there any convenience and comfort that the internet could possibly not provide to mankind? What else is in store for us? How are online portals and Apps going to surprise us further with their technical superiorityand innovating skills?

E-commerce started in the first half of 1990s in America. ‘E-commerce’ hailed the start of digitization of retail transactions.  Majority of these inventions happened in the west and took time to reach India. But when it did, people readily and greedily accepted the changes to improvise their way of living. Same happened with e-commerce. Something that started in America in mid 1990s reached our country by 2002 when the government of India experimented with online purchasing by introducing the Indian Railway Catering and Tourism Corporation’s online public system of train ticket booking. This created history – facilitating the common man in a manner that had never happened before. And then opened the Pandora’s Box- now people could shop for different products online, have their movie tickets booking done online, order everyday grocery items online – so much and more!

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Clare Louise

Clare Louise