Important Things to Learn about Window Caulking

Window caulking refers to the process of cover cracks and open spaces around your window. By going for caulking, you will notice a significant reduction in your energy bills. Your heating and cooling system will have to take less beating because there will be no air leaks with you windows and doors caulked properly. Interestingly, many people now understand the fact that caulking is one of the finest ways to winterize your home and it is possible to do it all by yourself, so long as you know the right technique. Here are a few things you need to learn before you decide to go any further with window caulking.

  • Know when to caulk the area. Interestingly, you can apply caulk to every window in your home, irrespective of its style or type. However, it is important to determine the right time to do it. Most people do it in winter, but the best idea is to handle the task in the fall. Window caulking works great when the temperature is a bit on the higher side – it is better to do it when the temperature is around 40 degrees. Moreover, you can open your windows while you are working on the project – you will not be able to use this ‘luxury’ in the winter.
  • Learn about different types of caulk. Even when you understand the importance of caulking your windows and doors, you still have to find the right type of caulk and tools to complete the project. You can find various types of caulks with silicone and latex caulks being the most popular. Depending on the types of your windows and your skill level, you may find latex caulks a bit easier to use. Silicone caulks, however, are usually more durable and are more suitable for extreme temperatures. It is worth mentioning that if you like to caulk your windows at regular intervals, you may benefit from using latex caulk because it is usually easier to remove.
  • Detach the old caulk before starting the new project. Window caulking is much like painting a wall – you need to clean it before you could proceed with caulking. If there are old lines of caulk, be sure to remove it first. A utility knife or scarper will work just fine. Spend some time cleaning the surface and you will find it much easier to apply a new layer of caulk.
  • Invest in a caulk gun if you like to caulk your windows and doors regularly. Many people think they can use it without the help of a right type of gun, but that is not the case. You have to squeeze it properly to use it, and that is when you will benefit from buying a caulk gun.

The crux of the matter is that window caulking may look like a simple task but you need to know the right technique and things that would help you get satisfactory results.

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Teresa Sabo

Teresa Sabo