5 New Jeep General Maintenance

Jeeps are built for performance, durability, comfort and excitement. Nothing feels as good as hitting the road with a new Jeep. Once you buy one, you must know new Jeep general maintenance to keep your ride performing optimally.

Rebalance and Rotate the Tires

Jeeps are designed to conquer rough conditions and environments. Nonetheless, your tires need frequent inspection. Whenever you go for an oil change, request your mechanic to check the tires too. Rotate your tires and balance the wheels after every 6,000 miles. This routine saves you considerable amounts of fuel.

Flush Transmission Fluids

Transmission fluids require routine changing although they can last longer than engine oil. Whether your new Jeep has a manual or automatic transmission, the fluid should get changed or flushed as needed. Automatic transmissions get up to 100 degrees hotter than the engine. Therefore, it’s essential to check the transmission fluid regularly and always use the fluid that the manufacturer recommends. Incorrect fluids may damage the transmission.

In the automatic transmission, the filter is also changed simultaneously with the fluid. But, it is not mandatory to change the filters when changing the fluid in a some manual transmission. Very few manual transmissions have filters since the fluid is housed in the transmission case.

Keep it Clean

It is vital for you to maintain cleanliness inside and out of your Jeep to allow it to serve you for a long time looking attractive. Tree sap, dirt, and other road build-ups can eat through your paint job exposing your vehicle to rust. Keeping the inside clean makes your upholstery long-lasting while increasing comfort and safety.

Oil Change

It’s recommended to change oil and replace filters after about 4,000 miles. It’s also advisable to check your owner’s manual to determine other occurrences that warrant for an oil change. During this change, insist on getting a window sticker from your mechanic to decide when the next routine oil change should take place.

Changing Coolant and Antifreeze

Keeping your Jeep’s engine cool is essential. Heat can destroy your engine extensively. Change the coolant routinely to avoid incurring great expanses in replacing engine components that get damaged by heat. Make sure you have flushed it all out of the engine block and the radiator.  Antifreeze ensures that no water freezes in your hoses and engine block. A regular change of these fluids maintains your engine working in perfect order.

Jeeps are designed to beat terrains, keep you safe, comfortable and happy. Therefore, new Jeep general maintenance routine is necessary to enable your vehicle to operate at optimal levels without risks of breakdown while you are on the move. When was the last time you had your car serviced? How does it feel afterwards?

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Donald Phillips

Donald Phillips