4 Tips to Make Your Solo Cruise Maginificent

It may have always been your dream to sail the Caribbean seas. However, it isn’t always easy to find an amiable travel companion. Don’t let your lack of cultured connections keep you from exploring the warm beaches, exotic flavors, and hedonistic luxuries of a Caribbean vacation. Plan a solo cruise and use these tips to ensure your trip is anything but lonely.

Be Crafty with Accommodations

Save your cash for the bar. Instead of opting for a private room, pick to double up with another discount traveler. Besides saving a few bucks on your cruise fare, this strategy comes with some important benefits.

  • Make friends with your roomie to gain an instant buddy for the length of your trip. They may have come with a group, which gives you the opportunity to further expand your onboard friends’ list.
  • If something goes wrong, there will be someone to alert ship staff. Anything from a bad oyster at the buffet to failing overboard is events that are made better by an attentive awareness to your general safety.

Be Socially Active

Cruise ships are known for their impressive lists of scheduled activities and group diversions. Take an active role in these mini adventures to meet some of your shipmates and maybe spark a mutual friendship. Some of the group activities you can enjoy while you sail the Caribbean seas include:

  • Dance lessons
  • Fitness instruction
  • Arts and crafts
  • Karaoke contests
  • Swimming competitions
  • Shore excursions

Make the most of your meal times by striking up conversations in the buffet line. Everyone loves to talk about food!

Pick a Themed Trip

Nothing brings a crowd of strangers together faster than a mutual appreciation for a story, character, or lifestyle. Find cruises full of instant friends by booking a themed trip. Whether your life revolves around Disney princesses or your dream vacation involves days of salsa dancing, use the internet to find a cruise line that offers trips tailored to those who share your interests. Of course, there are trips organized around much more mundane themes, such as:

  • Singles only
  • Fitness
  • Music
  • Adult lifestyle preferences

Cruise themes aren’t just limited to things you can do on the boat. Many cruises are designed around a series of shore adventures like hiking, biking, or underwater exploration. Pick something you’re passionate about, then experience that passion on a tropical island with a group of like-minded strangers.

Leverage the Power of the Internet Before You Go

With social media, no one needs to be a stranger for long. There are websites that allow cruise passengers to communicate via chat boards or email lists so they can get to know their fellow passengers before departure. Check with your cruise company representative for more information on ways to contact other cruisers before the big day.

Use the tips to plan the perfect solo trip to sail the Caribbean seas.

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Donald Phillips

Donald Phillips